IT Agenda 2023

The IT agenda for 2023 and the attractivness of different near- and offshoring countries

IT is presenting itself with a broad chest: after already setting a new record last year, even more managers are convinced of the value of  IT to the company's success in the current agenda. In view of the economic challenges, IT organisations are again increasingly discussing topics such as efficiency and costs. Read about the cost increases expected by the 162 participants in the study, which was conducted together with the German IT Users Association VOICE e.V.

The study covers the following topics:

  • Topics on the IT Agenda 2023
  • Value of IT
  • IT budget 2023 as a percentage of revenue
  • IT budget compared to previous year
  • Expected cost increases for consultants and freelancers, applications, salaries, infrastructure, network and workplace
  • Vertical integration for IT operations, software development and support/service desk and expected change by 2025
  • Attractiveness of nearshoring and offshoring locations

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