RFP Management

The Request for Proposal (RFP) invites qualified suppliers to submit binding offers for a described project or permanent service. Even the formulation of the RFP and the management of incoming bids prior to awarding the contract to an IT service provider determine the success of a business relationship.

For RFI support, RFP management, procurement support or transaction support, Metrics has all necessary methodologies and market data to enable clients to select their optimal service provider. In this way, we ensure that our clients receive the services they require at prices and SLAs in line with the market:


RFP Management Process

No gray area - drafting the RFP

With our help in the RFP, you can precisely request from suppliers which services you want to procure and in what volume.

Play it safe - negotiate an agreement

We support organisations in designing sourcing agreements in terms of content and finance - without pitfalls and shoals.

Get the best conditions - IT market prices

Our Data Lake includes current and granular market prices for IT services as well as Leading Practices to guide organizations in RFP management as well as in real-time negotiations.

Clear processes - structured tenders

We design and manage the entire tendering process using market-compliant templates, service descriptions and contracts - also for public contracts as defined by public procurement law.

Documented and audit-proof - in-depth experience

Metrics has a proven, tool-supported methodology for tenders, which has been verified several times by audits of global players. In addition, there is an up-to-date provider database, detailed service descriptions and overviews of standard SLAs.

Certified and DIN-compliant - quality and sustainability

Our certifications according to ecovadis and DIN 9001 as well as result types according to DIN SPEC 91298 and DIN SPEC 1041 underline Metrics' high standards regarding quality and sustainability.


How does an RFP become successful?

An RFP describes defined goals, the precise scope of a project as well as the schedule including most important milestones. In addition, there are potential risks as well as specifications for budgets, compliance and future suppliers.

Metrics has over 20 years of experience in RFP management for international corporations, upper mid-sized companies and public institutions. We accompany our clients through all phases of the procurement process and ensure their new partnership is initiated and implemented as smoothly as possible.