IT Benchmarking

Measuring, managing, optimising

A key tool in Metrics' services is modern-style IT benchmarks, whereby the client’s IT is assessed using detailed key ratios and optimized in a targeted manner thanks to comparison with the best organizations.

Aligning yourself with the best means identifying weak points, along with your own strengths. The comparison identifies those points which need to be optimised: provided internally or externally, in detail or as an overview.

With the systematic and methodical structure of our data, we can analyse any IT holistically and demonstrate customized opportunities. That allows clients to obtain an assessment of their current position and the best path to the next objective.

Prices and services:

Procuring IT services externally is essential nowadays – which makes it all the more important to plan the design and the cost involved, and to review it regularly. Metrics offers support in all phases of the IT sourcing cycle through

  • current market figures for IT services and daily rates for consultants in new contracts and follow-on contracts, which we obtain by analysing real outsourcing agreements,
  • standard market framing of IT services using our de facto market standard Metrics Service Library (MSL),
  • analyses of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) between clients and service providers, including special features and change requests in day-to-day operations, and
  • make-or-buy analyses, support in the tendering phase, help with transition and setting up a suitable retained organisation, in terms of size and skills.

Costs and productivity:

A focus on costs, services, complexity and quality – a cost benchmark provides detailed facts, allowing CIOs and financial experts to optimise the price-performance ratio of their IT organisation in a targeted manner and take the necessary strategic decisions.

  • Our flexible and modular model facilitates benchmarking projects which are precisely tailored to the respective client requirements for scope and IT domains.
  • Using objective profitability analyses and comparisons, deficits are made up through targeted savings and existing strengths are boosted.
  • Metrics guarantees absolute independence, accuracy and objectivity for its statements, as all key ratios in our database originate from our own analyses.
  • Our methodology enables us to ensure the greatest degree of data quality and data validity during data gathering, and for later use in our database.

IT experts and processes:

IT employees with sought-after skills are a valuable asset. Metrics helps you to examine costs and prices as well as supply and demand and how to align these.

  • Our database covers current day rates depending on the profile, domain, region and skill level. We support internal and external rate-card models in order to compare cost and price structures as well as skills.
  • For demand analyses, we take account of individual circumstances such as purchase quantities, locations for services to be performed, and working times.
  • Our experts determine suitable strengths and roles for future IT organisations.
  • We measure the maturity level of IT processes and compare it with market values. This can be supported by a comparison of process performance KPIs.
  • Our assessment frameworks include CMMI, ITIL and COBIT. Examples for IT processes are the management of problems, incidents, changes, configurations or releases.

Clients and users:

In IT, client and user satisfaction is becoming increasingly important. Targeted analyses cast light on the charged relationship between costs and benefits.

  • Metrics conducts surveys with private and public organisations, the results of which feed into IT management decisions.
  • If the results are compared with data from other companies, organisations are immediately made aware of critical issues and projects.
  • IT users answer the question as to whether their IT handles the tasks correctly. IT clients – the business units – reveal in stakeholder interviews whether IT is handling the right tasks.
  • In addition to conventional online questionnaires, Metrics also uses methods such as the client Effort Score (CES) and the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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