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The focus here is on costs and benefits, trends and drivers, best practices and worst cases in enterprise IT: our consultants report on their day-to-day business and show how IT organisations today can set themselves up to be high-performance and future-proof. Their tools: comparative data from our data lake and experience from over 4,000 strategic projects.

Methods & Tools

Test your S/4HANA knowledge

With three short questions you can test your SAP S/4HANA knowledge in our quiz: from deployment to licensing model. Good luck!

Market & Sourcing

Friction points in a price benchmark

In many IT sourcing agreements, tensions between the partners can be resolved with a market price benchmark - if the clause in the contract is well designed. Otherwise it can lead to further dicey situations.

Market & Sourcing

Benchmark clauses in IT sourcing

Think about the future today - this also applies to IT sourcing. A benchmark clause in the sourcing contract can protect clients (and providers) against imponderables. What do IT managers and purchasers have to bear in mind?

Market & Sourcing

Impact of Market Price Benchmarks

It is a well-known fact that a market price benchmark can score advantages over an RfP in the case of an expiring contract. We show how the contractual option of the benchmark performs during the term of the contract.

Market & Sourcing

Best Practices 2: Day rates for consultants

Day rates for IT consultants have risen again after Corona. But companies can contain costs in a sensible way: for example, through T&M instead of lump sums, supplier consolidation and systematic skill prioritisation.

Market & Sourcing

Best Practices: Day rates for consultants

Day rates for IT consultants have risen again after Covid-19. But how can companies contain costs in a meaningful way? Best practices are long-term agreements, fixed purchase quantities and on-the-job training.

Market & Sourcing

Payroll costs -
curse and blessing

Payroll accounting is a large cost item for companies. Because of the high volume, however, savings also pay off quickly. A discount of up to 30 per cent is possible if you know the figures and the target.

Market & Sourcing

Sourcing Support – transparency matters

In IT sourcing, consultants practise different relationship models - sometimes on the side of the user company, sometimes between the client and the IT provider. We show what matters in which phases.

Market & Sourcing

IT trade press: Managed Services

The German IT magazine Computerwoche invited several experts to a roundtable. It turned out to be an exciting discussion about the impact of the cloud on managed services and the future of the industry.

Excellence & Organization

Agility - Sham or Substance?

More than 20 years after the Agile Manifesto, it is hard to imagine business without agility. Or is it just hype without substance? We took a look behind the scenes with a short survey.

Excellence & Organization

Making noise is part of the trade

IT is the most important discipline for making an organisation ready for the future. What is rarely future-proof, however, is IT's self-promotion skills, so what needs to be done?

Excellence & Organization

Open Office Spaces reduce inter­action

Two empirical field studies by authors Ethan S. Bernstein and Stephen Turban published by the Royal Society show: open, unlimited offices reduce face-to-face interaction by about 70%.

Market & Sourcing

Software developers
day rates on the rise

After the decline in 2020 due to Covid-19, we are seeing a rebound in prices for sortware developers and architects. This applies to all skill and experience levels.

Costs & Benefits

Never touch a running IT service catalogue?

IT service catalogues pay off - if they are regularly updated. Our projects show that without constant maintenance, the gap between best in class and average is widening.

Methods & Tools

ISO 9001 – Metrics successfully certified

At the first attempt: Ralph Freude from TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH and Metrics Managing Director Thomas Karg with the certificate for ISO 9001:2015.

Market & Sourcing

Optimising penalties
for IT outsourcing

A matrix for an outsourcing contract sorts the consequences of underperformance by a provider into several escalation levels.

Market & Sourcing

Sourcing prices:
one-way elasticity

It is a rule that demand falls when prices rise. The situation is usually different when it comes to the procurement of IT services.