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The focus here is on costs and benefits, trends and drivers, best practices and worst cases in enterprise IT: our consultants report on their day-to-day business and show how IT organisations today can set themselves up to be high-performance and future-proof. Their tools: comparative data from our data lake and experience from over 4,000 strategic projects.

Excellence & Organization

IT is the most important discipline for making an organisation ready for the future. What is rarely future-proof, however, is IT's self-promotion skills, so what needs to be done?

Excellence & Organization

Two empirical field studies by authors Ethan S. Bernstein and Stephen Turban published by the Royal Society show: open, unlimited offices reduce face-to-face interaction by about 70%.

Market & Sourcing

After the decline in 2020 due to Covid-19, we are seeing a rebound in prices for sortware developers and architects. This applies to all skill and experience levels.

Costs & Benefits

IT service catalogues pay off - if they are regularly updated. Our projects show that without constant maintenance, the gap between best in class and average is widening.

Methods & Tools

At the first attempt: Ralph Freude from TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH and Metrics Managing Director Thomas Karg with the certificate for ISO 9001:2015.

Market & Sourcing

A matrix for an outsourcing contract sorts the consequences of underperformance by a provider into several escalation levels.

Market & Sourcing

It is a rule that demand falls when prices rise. The situation is usually different when it comes to the procurement of IT services.