Data Driven Consulting

IT Benchmarking meets IT Sourcing

Put your IT organisation to the test, learn from the best and make your data-driven decisions with us!

Sound decisions

The right sourcing strategy

Whether from external or internal sources, companies are increasingly taking a pragmatic view of IT procurement. Our consultants bring light into darkness - from strategy to control of the service performance.


Cost containment

IT productivity put to the test

Costs, services, complexity and quality - a benchmark comparison provides all the facts needed to optimise the price/performance ratio of IT services and to justify IT decisions.



Market & Sourcing

Co-creation in IT sourcing has many advantages

Time-critical innovations and constant regulatory pressure demand IT projects to be set up and implemented faster and faster. The challenge: complex and lengthy tendering processes. Co-creation in IT sourcing is supposed to make things better - can it deliver?

Case Study - Technology

IT benchmarks at Heraeus

The company, which is listed in the FORTUNE Global 500, is active in over 100 countries with its technology portfolio. IT is one of the foundations of its success. Reason enough to obtain transparency about the applications used and the IT infrastructure in regular benchmarks.



Your position as a C-level consultant

You have the courage to advise CIOs, CFOs and senior managers competently and objectively on strategic issues? Then Metrics is the right place for you. Contact us and get busy!



Trends and Threats