IT Agenda 2022

The IT agenda for 2022 and IT security

The study, in which almost 190 IT and digital decision-makers took part, shows that IT is tackling its tasks for the current year with confidence. At the same time, IT budgets are increasing significantly overall. The same applies to security spending. IT security and digitalisation remain the top issues. The vertical integration in IT is decreasing in the area of infrastructure, but is increasing in the areas of application development and management, in some cases significantly. The study was conducted in cooperation with the German Association of IT Users (VOICE e.V.).

Among the top tasks in the year the interviewees rank IT security, digitalisation, recruitment of IT skills, agility / flexibility of IT and, in fifth place, automation. The effects of the Corona crisis have had a very strong impact. According to the respondents, they strengthen the position of corporate IT and put its importance for organisations in the spotlight. 92 percent of the managers surveyed now rate the contribution of IT to corporate success as high or very high. Half of all study participants describe the value contribution of IT as very high.

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