Making sound decisions in IT

For better decisions in IT (explained by an avatar)

For more than twenty years, we have been driven by your questions about the efficiency, effectiveness and agility of IT - regardless of whether the services are provided internally or obtained externally.

  • We answer the question of how good the services are and, in addition to transparency, provide proof of the effectiveness of IT expenditure.
  • Is the right thing being done - from the perspective of the market and users? We show you the de-facto market standard for IT services and ensure value-driven procurement.
  • How well is IT positioned to bring about necessary changes now and in the future? We show you the trends, levers and present recipes for success to optimize IT processes, services and the organization.

For more than 20 years, our qualitative and quantitative analyses have been based on data regarding the use of information technology in companies. They come from our own market price benchmarks, cost-productivity analyses, tender support, sourcing mandates and IT excellence projects, which are validated and continuously feed the Metrics Data Lake. This enables Metrics’ customers to make more informed and better decisions. We look forward to your questions.

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