IT Sourcing

Strategize, Source, Change, Manage

Our up to date data and KPIs enable you to make the optimum decisions for your IT procurement.

IT sourcing delivers the right results if the strategy is professionally managed from the basic terms of reference through to practical implementation and optimisation. Metrics supports you in all stages of the sourcing lifecycle with up to date information and our extensive experience.

Sourcing strategy

The sourcing strategy defines the framework for procuring IT services. Metrics supports organisations on tasks such as:

  • Reviewing and defining the sourcing strategy for practical implementation
  • Providing long-term IT support for corporate objectives
  • Comparing strategic sourcing scenarios for minimising risk
  • Complying with the regulatory and security-relevant framing conditions and group-defined specifications
  • Market testing supplier proposals

Sourcing design

Correctly implementing the sourcing strategy sets the direction for success. Our consultants have extensive experience in:

  • Evaluating and managing the requirements of specialist departments
  • Make-or-buy decisions, to define possible sourcing objects and business cases
  • Analysing governance models with external or internal management from individual solutions through to multi-cloud
  • Planning and designing IT services, using the Metrics Service Library (MSL) as a market comparison
  • Shaping the retained organisation and service management processes for provider management with regard to scope and skills

IT Procurement (RFI/RFP)

Select sourcing relations

Together with our clients we develop a transparent access to the IT services market in order to put supply and demand in an economically reasonable relation. Metrics has proven frameworks and templates in place, uses standardised result types, and has a data lake of common market services, current prices, and leading practices in IT sourcing.

Discover how we can assist companies with their RFP management and contracting processes.

Sourcing management

As a consultant and advisor, Metrics supports you in every project phase of a sourcing project. Our management and optimisation services include, for example:

  • Market price benchmarks - including for current contracts, on a regular or ad hoc basis
  • Planning and implementing transition to a service provider
  • Process optimisation – for a clear definition of individual processes in order to avoid friction losses between client and IT provider
  • Monitoring and reporting, using meaningful KPIs
  • Innovation tactics to ensure that clients benefit long-term from new developments with your service providers
  • Contract extension or in-sourcing/re-sourcing – the basis for taking decisions if sourcing needs to be re-thought or reversed
  • Cloud orchestration/management – if IT services from multiple providers need to be coordinated for optimum results

Metrics Service Library

Real best practices for IT services

In the Metrics Service Library (MSL), we have developed a de-facto market standard for IT services – it serves as a blueprint and shows which structures of IT services are currently standard in the market. Our MSL is no theoretical exercise on the drawing-board; rather, it is derived from an analysis of current sourcing contracts (market price benchmarks) from clients and providers. With this toolset, our consultants can immediately check whether the customer's internal or external services comply with the current market standard regarding to content, SLAs and billing models.

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