IT Benchmarking and IT Sourcing in London


Jeremy Smith

Metrics Maturity UK Ltd.
2nd & 6th Floor
New London House
6 London Street
London EC3R 7LP

Tel.: +44 20 3832 2937

IT advisory for UK, Benelux and Northern Europe

London, the economic and cultural centre of Great Britain, has been one of our strategic locations since 2001. The Managing Director is Jeremy Smith, who has been part of the team for 15 years and previously worked for several well-known consulting and research companies in the IT industry. An important mission of the London office has been to establish contacts with companies from the Nordic region and to steer the consulting business. Therefore, Metrics now has long-standing relationships with clients in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

There is no bias in the diverse region in terms of industries and consulting subjects: IT cost comparisons are just as much in demand here as improving operational excellence or supporting IT sourcing projects. The list of clients ranges from manufacturers of beautiful cars to power plant operators.

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