IT Benchmarking and IT Sourcing in Vienna


Manfred Troger

Metrics Austria GmbH
Walfischgasse 8/15
A-1010 Wien

Tel.: +43 664 111 0000
Fax.: +43 664 395 1929

Pivotal point between East and West

Metrics is located in the livable city of Vienna since 2001, now in Walfischgasse, not far from the State Opera. From Austria's capital, we coordinate the consulting business for IT benchmarking and IT sourcing in Austria, Eastern Europe and Italy; after all, our managing director Manfred Troger comes from South Tyrol. He manages to bridge the gap between tradition, innovation and diversity - as well as between IT requirements, strategic goals and the IT budget.

Our consulting focus in the region is on public institutions, industrial companies and clients from the financial sector. In terms of content, the projects are broadly diversified from classic IT benchmark projects to service optimisation and all phases of the sourcing lifecycle.

If you have any questions about Metrics Austria and our services - we look forward to hearing from you!