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Software developers
day rates on the rise

by Karsten Tampier

After the decline in 2020 due to Covid-19, we are seeing a rebound in prices for sortware developers and architects. This applies to all skill and experience levels.

The drop in prices for software developers in Europe from IT service providers was short-lived. In 2021, daily rates rose again at all skill levels, in some cases by around five per cent compared to the previous year. For senior developers and specialists, even the previous record levels from 2019 were surpassed. Daily rates for freelance and independent developers have not been included in the figures.

Karsten Tampier

Karsten Tampier

For over 25 years in benchmarking, Karsten Tampier knows what a fair comparison looks like. With his team, he is responsible for data analytics at Metrics and thus for the data lake and methodological data consistency in customer projects.