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ISG EMEA Sourcing Lead joins Metrics

by Jeremy Smith

ISG's former EMEA Sourcing Lead Dr Thomas Barnekow joins Metrics Group on 1 June 2023. He is a global thought leader in IT Sourcing and the architect of ISG's standard contract framework RFX One.

MUNICH – Dr Thomas Barnekow, a long-time thought leader in IT sourcing, joined Metrics on 1 June 2023. Barnekow has more than 20 years of experience in IT sourcing, first as a consultant at McKinsey, then as a deal maker at Accenture and IBM. Subsequently, he spent almost twelve years at ISG. There he made a name for himself as a thought leader and head of the EMEA sourcing practice. Among others, Barnekow developed the sourcing standard framework RFX One as an architect, which is used in large sourcing agreements worldwide. "I look forward to developing Metrics into Europe's leading sourcing advisor in the coming years and to further digitalising the consulting business," says Barnekow.

The IT expert is joining Metrics in a dual role - on the one hand as Partner Sourcing Advisory, and on the other as the company's new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The reason for this is software development, his second passion in addition to IT sourcing. Barnekow's mission is to unify the processes and information in Metrics' consulting on one platform to drive automation. One tool for this is DokuMate, a program he developed himself, which can be used to automatically process files and data in the sourcing lifecycle, for example. Barnekow: "The move to Metrics provides me with the opportunity to play a leading role in two IT areas that are particularly close to my heart.“

For Metrics founder and managing director Thomas Karg, the appointment also pays off in two ways: "With Dr Thomas Barnekow, we are not only getting a proven expert for global mega-deals who will provide us with sustainable support on our way to becoming the European market leader in IT sourcing. In addition, with his help we will continue to consistently digitalise our consulting processes in order to support clients faster and more efficiently." This not only affects Metrics' IT sourcing practice, but also the IT benchmarking business area.


About Metrics

Metrics is an international consulting company that supports companies in IT sourcing, IT excellence and IT benchmarking. For this purpose, Metrics uses extensive market data obtained from its own projects for a comprehensive analysis of internal and external IT services. This fact-based consulting shows areas of action as well as levers for optimising costs and operational efficiency. The goal is to build a well-founded basis for decision-making - in short: Data Driven Decisions.

Metrics (founded in 2001 as Maturity) has been active for over 20 years for renowned corporations and hidden champions from all sectors, but also public administration institutions and global organisations.


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Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is responsible for UK, Benelux & Northern Europe and has been in the IT benchmarking arena for over 25 years. He previously received bench­marking exercises as an end user and delivered benchmarking exercises as a project manager.