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From ISG to Metrics Switzerland

by Alexander Freimark

We welcome Peter Bertschin, who will take over the management of Metrics Switzerland AG as of 1 August 2022! He comes from the Swiss country organisation of the consulting firm ISG.

Press release August 2nd, 2022

Peter Bertschin becomes Managing Director of Metrics Switzerland

02.08.2022 - Peter Bertschin will take over the management of Metrics Switzerland AG on 1 August 2022. He comes from the Swiss national organisation of the consulting company ISG, where he was responsible for business development since 2012 and Managing Director since 2018. "I am looking forward to working with clients at eye level again and to actively support them in their strategic challenges," says Bertschin. "Metrics offers a future-proof portfolio and the right mindset that is in demand in today's market - focused, hands-on and client-oriented."


The Swiss market was most recently served by Metrics founder Thomas Karg, who is based in St. Gallen. "With Peter Bertschin, we have gained an experienced managing director who is very well networked in the Swiss economy and has proven that he is proficient in scaling organisations. He also knows how to work out added value for clients as a consultant in the complex areas of benchmarking, sourcing and organisational optimisation," adds Karg.  

Peter Bertschin is a sourcing pioneer and has a 30-year history in this business: the first 20 years on the side of the providers HP, Capgemini and Swisscom, then at ISG in consulting. With the change to Metrics, he is consistently continuing this path. "My central task is to expand Metrics' market position in Switzerland with first-class consulting services to optimise our clients' operational efficiency and to create sustainable, long-term partnerships."  

Alexander Freimark

Alexander Freimark

IT journalist and author Alexander Freimark handles the public presentation of metrics, writes case studies with customers, researches enterprise IT information, and maintains the web channel as well as social media.