Cloud Computing

The sky is the limit

After initial doubts, cloud computing has established itself in IT; flexibility and cost effects are the strongest drivers. The expectations of companies are quite high - and so is the pressure on IT to act.

In March 2006, Amazon launched its Simple Storage Service (S3) and opened a new market with the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Twelve years later, it is nearly impossible to imagine European IT organisations without Cloud Computing. The Maturity survey on cloud use already shows in 2018 that user companies have shed their shyness and jumped on the bandwagon.

Around three quarters of the companies surveyed want to obtain more services from the cloud in the next years, especially when it comes to applications. The most important driver is greater flexibility; cost effects rank third. Many organisations expect declining expenditure, especially on hardware and operations. However, suitable key performance indicator systems, business case calculations and a professional cloud management system are indispensable if hopes are to be realised.

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