Data Driven Decisions

In 2020, many IT processes and principles were reviewed. It has become apparent: Digital solutions are central to solving the challenges ahead. In order to support our clients in the best possible way, we have spent the recent months enhancing our analytics tools with AI methods, building a data lake with our experience of more than 4,000 consulting projects and aligning our teams for efficiency, effectiveness, and agility.

In line with the significant improvements we have made we are also relaunching with our new name Metrics.

Quality embedded.
We are ISO 9001 certified.

Sound decisions

The right sourcing strategy

Whether from external or internal sources, companies are increasingly taking a pragmatic view of IT procurement. Our consultants bring light into darkness - from strategy to control of the service performance.



Cost containment

IT productivity put to the test

Costs, services, complexity and quality - a benchmark comparison provides all the facts needed to optimise the price/performance ratio of IT services and to justify IT decisions.



Market & Sourcing

Best Practices 2: Day rates for consultants

Day rates for IT consultants have risen again after Corona. But companies can contain costs in a sensible way: for example, through T&M instead of lump sums, supplier consolidation and systematic skill prioritisation.

Case Study

Software assessment at BITMARCK

The managed service provider BITMARCK is working on the digitalisation of the healthcare system. In support of this, we have reviewed the IT core system for sustainability, flexibility and openness.




Your position as a C-level consultant

You have the courage to advise CIOs, CFOs and senior managers competently and objectively on strategic issues? Then Metrics is the right place for you. Contact us and get busy!



Trends and Threads